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Here’s what people are saying about HireMeAspen.com:

“Great Concept!” – Outdoor Technology, Industry Trendsetter

“I actually found out about your site via a friend who was the spotlight profile and got multiple job offers!  My only question is, how do I get to be the spotlight profile?  I’m not gonna lie − that would help tremendoustly!!  Thanks again, and I’m loving the site!!” – Evan Eeds, HireMeAspen profiled worker

“We love HireMeAspen!” – M&M Home Dining Services, Aspen

“This is such an innovative concept that Connie and her crew have been working very hard on.  If you want to business network with others and have a great time doing it, I highly recommend Hire Me Aspen!” – Suzy Robinson, freelancer and HireMeAspen MeetUp Member

“Great idea.  Now to find a new place to live!  LOL” – Russ Williamson, facebook fan.

“Love your online marketing!” – Marcos Rodriguez, CEO, KUUR Your Radio and TV Aspen

“Our partnership with Hire Me Aspen.com is a win-win situation. Aspen.com users benefit because they have access to fresh, local and personalized content related to working in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Hire Me Aspen subscribers benefit from the increased exposure and promotion on Aspen.com.  Both companies win because our partnership ensures greater relevance in the ever-evolving online landscape of locally focused businesses.” – Aspen.com, Affiliate Partner and Sponsor

“Love the site!” – Mike Lavker, profiled worker 

“Hire Me Aspen is a pretty cool concept connecting freelancers with jobs in Aspen. How about ‘HireMeSunValley.com’?!” – Tweeted by Danielle Travers

“I’ve had a number of calls so far! I’ve already posted my ‘like’ on your facebook page…I think you’re on to something. :) Keep up the great work!” –  Hillary Maley, profiled worker

“Love it!” –Allison Miller, Freelancer and HireMeAspen MeetUp Member 

“What a great resource for Aspen locals in search of employment!” – Jason Burns, Local Event Planner & Hirer

“You have a great product, and we are very happy to have you listed on our site!” – BestMountainTowns.com

“Great hiring tool!” – Tweeted by a chef at Summit House

“HireMeTahoe…it is so needed here!  I think it would do great!” – Posted by Jill Sanders, Lake Tahoe Realtor

“A very innovative and fresh company.  Great ideas to help those who work on the side.  I am sure it will be a successful company!” – Shannon Gray, Entrepreneur and HireMeAspen MeetUp Member

“Love your homepage!  Great concept!” – Casey McConnell, Qittle CEO & Partner


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