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For Immediate Release: December 10, 2010                            Helps Simplify the Search for the “Best Of Aspen”

Site Users Benefit from the Curation of the top PICKs and PICs in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

Aspen, CO — Sharing Profiles has launched, another customer-focused website for locals and visitors to the Roaring Fork Valley.  This site, which curates the best of things to do or places to go in the Roaring Fork Valley, cuts through the clutter and delivers relevant information, quickly.

“In looking at the competitive landscape of Aspen-centric websites, it became increasingly clear that there was a need for a site that curates information in a simple, yet meaningful way,” said Connie Hammond, Founder and CEO of Sharing Profiles.  “There is a shift taking place in media now to help consumers curb information overload.  Resort Pix achieves this goal by providing relevant, timely and trustworthy content in simple format.”  

Hammond continues, “Everyone is strapped for time and inundated with data which may or may not prove to be reliable.  Creating helps cut through the clutter and deliver a genuine local perspective in a streamlined fashion.”

The ResortPix website is simple in its design as well as its approach. The descriptions are kept short (1-2 sentences at most) with users linking out for additional details.  Although Resort Pix offers sponsorship opportunities, advertising does not appear on the site in order to keep the viewing experience free from distractions.

There are three main website elements: PICKs, PICs, and POLLs.


Our top “PICKs” (consisting of local businesses, people, places, and events) are locally chosen and constantly updated.  Big-name chain stores (ie. Gucci, Lowe’s or Chili’s) are not included since our goal is to be 100%  locally focused.  Our PICKs are not paid listings to secure preferential treatment.  We talk to real locals in each resort town to learn what their top choices are and only then does it become one of our top PICKs.  For those stuck in a rut, planning something fun and different is easy with the help of ResortPix.


We cull through the social media landscape to find our top PICs, the best local photo or video that captures the moment and tells a story about what’s going on in town. 


Our polls are constantly updated and available 24/7, without end.  The polls provide locals with a way to have their voice heard and their opinion counted.  They provide users with another means to access the local perspective in an up-to-date manner.  Polls are offered daily to our social media followers and resort town community as well as inclusion in email campaigns to garner local feedback. 

ABOUT SHARING PROFILES is the flagship website of the Sharing Profiles group.  The website helps local service providers promote their goods and services by posting profiles in order to connect with hirers and buyers in the Roaring Fork Valley.  The site enables individual workers to post a profile in a multitude of job categories for a minimal charge of $5 per month, while hirers can find a worker or business for free.  Businesses, via the Gold Partner Program, can post a profile to create brand awareness, generate exposure and increase foot, website and social media traffic. 

Sharing Profiles was founded in February 2009 by Connie Hammond, Founder and CEO.  The resort division is a network of websites built with the resort-town local in mind. and will be launched in early 2011, with other Colorado resort towns following shortly thereafter. 

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